Covid 19 Information

Update - 16th March 2021

Subject: Play resuming to up to Fourballs from Friday 12th March

Following yesterday's Scottish Government decision to allow play up to fourballs from Friday 12th March members can now book with no restrictions providing they live in Midlothian region. Members who are crossing local authority boundaries may still play with a maximum of 4 players however this must be from a maximum of 2 households.

The starting procedure is still the same.

The Clubhouse remains closed.

Members Guests

The Committee has now decided to permit members to sign on guests again. Members are reminded that play can be in up to fourballs if all players are resident in Midlothian. If a guest is being signed on from outwith Midlothian or a member from outwith Midlothian is signing on a guest resident in Midlothian, players must comply with the 2 household rule.

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