Course Status
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The course is closed. Closed due to snow.

The Green keeping staff check the course condition first thing every morning - and will update the on-line display as conditions change.

Winter Golf

At Glencorse Members and Visitors play throughout the year and only under extreme weather conditions is the course closed for play.

During this time, the Greenkeepers will be busy with their maintenance programme, so please be aware that Tees and Greens may be subject to “Coring” and “Dressing” when you come to play

When the Weather has been particularly wet, or Frosty, then Winter Greens and Winter Tees may be in operation.

We hope this does not prevent you from enjoying your round, however, if you are particularly concerned about the Course Condition please call our Professional on 01968 676481 who will make you aware of any arrangements which are in place.